Top Ten adjectives that describe the PlaceLift-Anne Furey Interiors experience. (Would that make them “ten-ets?”):

  • Respectful
  • Approachable
  • Affordable
  • Creative
  • Knowledgeable
  • Collaborative
  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Trustworthy

Respectful – No one will come into your home and judge you for your style, square footage or housekeeping. You’ve opened your home to us and we’ll always respect that, along with your privacy and your budget.

Approachable – Be not afraid. This decorating team does not bite. We shop at the Boston Design Center….and Building 19. We scour the flea markets of Raynham…and furniture markets of North Carolina. From IKEA to Donghia…from Target to Bloomies…we’re open to any possibility because creative solutions can be found anywhere.

Affordable - We have minimums and don’t give anything away, but we won’t ask for your first born and a huge retainer up front. PlaceLift has a range of pricing and interior decorating plans that will fit into most budgets.

Creative - An original idea knows no scope. Anne’s creative instincts have been big enough to help entire companies position themselves in the global marketplace…or small enough to provide the perfect splash of color to bring a family room to life. Whatever the creative solution, Anne’s ideas lead to exciting results and glowing testimonials.

Knowledgeable – We stay current with all things design. Anne dines on the trade pubs for breakfast and peruses the design blogs for lunch. She’s a Gold Member of the Interior Redecorators Network, having received the Founder’s Award in 2009. She has chaired and served on many professional committees for National IRN Conferences, and attends design seminars and workshops all year long. Anne’s ideas spring from an awareness of both the new... and the tried-and-true.

Collaborative – We’ll never dictate a style or “our” style. Our job is to help define and refine your style. Sure, we’ll occasionally nudge you out of your comfort zone, but only because you’ve indicated that you really DO want a professional to take the reigns. In the end, you are part of the team. We seek “buy-in” at every major decision point because our goal is for you to love the end result.

Fun - We laugh…a lot. That’s because decorating is just…fun! It’s FUN to explore color, fabric and art! It’s fun to go shopping, unless you just can’t find the time, or really do hate it (in which case it’s fun for ANNE to go shopping!). PlaceLift also seeks out the really fun subs. If an occasionally droll character slips into the mix, it’s only because he or she is lights out when it comes to quality work.

Educational – Anne likes to teach. From the Ten Most Common Decorating Mistakes to all the latest “rules of thumb,” your experience with PlaceLift will leave you with a great foundation in what works and what doesn’t, along with a healthy array of design principles that you can apply throughout your home after we’ve left.

Trustworthy– Every great relationship is steeped in trust. Our job is to warrant your faith in our ideas, our pricing and our ability to communicate with you and understand your needs. We don’t measure our success by how many gorgeous rooms we’ve designed, or by how many homes we’ve staged which have sold in a week. For PlaceLift, success comes from the countless times our clients have come back to us time and again with their latest design challenge...or refer us to their friends and colleagues. Those relationships endure because trust is at work.

Creative – see above Tenet #4...someone gently told me that my “Top Ten” list only had 9 adjectives. So I’ll be doubly creative.